Experimental work

The Society and its members are involved in a wide range of experimental archaeology projects. Below is a selection of these. Please feel free to email us if you have any queries.

UCD Prehistoric Technologies Experimental Group

The flint knappers at work during a School of Archaeology Open Day (March 2013)
Previously known as the stone-working group or flint-knapping group, it consists of a number of enthusiastic undergraduates and graduates from the School who carry out experimental work with various materials.

The flint-knapping group is currently on hiatus. Please email us or contact Prof. Aidan O'Sullivan if you would be interested in reviving it. 

Individual projects

  • Melanie Dunne's Roman make-up tutorial: 

Other projects

Members of the Society are involved in a number of experimental archaeology projects led by or in association with UCD School of Archaeology. They include:

  •  Reconstructing a Mesolithic house in 2012-2013
Read the School's blog here, by Dr. Graeme Warren)

Photo by Aidan O'Sullivan

  • Ceramic making :

View a video here and photographs from the experiment here.
Photograph by Wayne Malone

See Wayne Malone's experimental archaeology videos:  http://www.youtube.com/user/waynesmalone/videos and his photographs.

  • A bronze-working workshop in June 2013

Photo by Mark Heffernan

  • Archeofest 2013 Festival

More recently, members of the Archaeology Society as well as scholars from the School have taken part in the Archaeofest 2013, organised as part of Heritage Week.
Dr. Aidan O'Sullivan at Archaeofest 2013

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