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The UCD Archaeology Society has a history that goes back to 1942.
One of our past Auditors, Cian, has initiated a research into the history of the society. Follow his updates at :

Seeking the Society

The UCD Archaeological Society was founded in January of 1942 and was the first of its kind in Ireland. It was founded against the back drop of a war torn Europe as a means to unite students from different disciplines but who shared a similar passion. 

During the ‘Emergency’ of the 1940s, long hikes through the Dublin Mountains to Prehistoric or early Christian monuments were a common activity of college life. Through this, the society was founded as an outlet to combine both the academic and social sides of archaeology. The society’s aim was to allow its members to engage on a deeper level with the subject that they studied and to develop new relationships with like-minded people. The essence of what college life is.  

Today, the aim of the society hasn’t changed. The society is still dedicated to running numerous events throughout the year and is focused on promoting Archaeology as a subject, helping its members build networks both personally and professionally. Some of the events that the society organises range from day trips to guest seminars and many other extracurricular activities designed to inform and entertain.

The Archaeological Society is run by students for students. It offers a great support network and works closely with the UCD Department of Archaeology to actively help and encourage its members through their years in UCD. The society is open to anyone who shares a passion for the past.

By Cian Corrigan
Auditor 2013-2014

In 2013, the Society was awarded the Small Society of the Year award by UCD, rewarding all the efforts of the 2012-2013 commitee.

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