Every year, the Society invites speakers to give fortnightly seminars in the School of Archaeology. For further information contact:

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Upcoming Seminars 2016-2017

Semester One

Dr Knut Rassmann of the Romano – Germanic Commission will be presenting on "Spatial and Social Structure of Early Bronze Age settlement".Focusing on settlement in Central and Eastern Europe and presenting new insights from large scale prospection.
Wednesday 28 September in the Ardmore Annex Seminar Room at 5:00pm. 

Dr. Killian Driscoll speaks to the UCD Archaeology Society about the Irish Lithic Landscape Project. 
Where did the prehistoric communities of Ireland obtain the raw materials they needed to make their flaked stone tools thousands of years ago? Join us, and learn more about the acquisition, trade and transport of raw materials thousands of years ago!
Thursday 22 September in the Ardmore Annex Seminar Room at 5:00pm. 

Past seminars


Dr Edel Bhreathnach, Discovery Programme - “Analysing Archaeological Evidence in Ireland: A Different View” 14th April 2016

Professor Clive Ruggles, University of Leicester - “Of Calendars and Kings: Gods, Temples and the Piciales and the Development of Archaii States in Hawaii” 28th April 2016

Dr Josh Pollard, University of Southampton - “Living with Monuments: Landscape Inhabitation and Monument Creation in the Avebury Landscape” - read report here

Professor Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen - “Above, Below and In­between: Of Surfaces, Ground and the Interstitiality of Things” (Joint lecture with UCD Philosophy Society)

Dr Penny Bickle, University of York - “Dealing with Difference: Investigating Social Diversity in Central Europe” - read report here

Dr Gordon Noble, University of Aberdeen - “Discovering the Northern Picts: Survey and Excavation in Northern Scotland” - read report here

Professor Rick Schulting, Oxford University - "Violence Among Hunter-Gatherers" - read report here

Dr Richard Madwick, Cardiff University - “The Feast of Stonehenge and Beyond: Investigating Mobility in Late Neolithic Britain” - read report here

Dr Elizabeth Craig Atkins, Sheffield University - “Eave­drip Graves and the Treatment of Infant Burials in Early Christian England” - read report here

Professor Howard Williams, University of Chester - "Cyborg Smiths: Bone, Stone, Metal and Memory in Early Medieval Britain” (Inaugural) - read report here

Dr Andrew Fitzpatrick, University of Leicester - "The Amesbury archer- Migration and Knowledge in the Copper Age" - read report here

Dr Rosie Bishop, Durham University - "Plants and people in Mesolithic and Neolithic Scotland" - read report here

Dr. Stephen Harrison, University of Glasgow - " Dublin - Dead Centre of the Viking West?" - read the report here

Dr. Barry Molloy, University College Dublin - "How the Ancient Irish Destroyed Egyptian Civilisation" - Read the report here


Dr. Marion Dowd,  IT Sligo - "Bewitched by an elf-dart": prehistoric artefacts in traditional Irish folk magic and medicine" - Read the report here

Dr. Nick Overton, University of Manchester - "Getting to know you": the role of environmental experiences and daily interactions in the development of humans-non humans relationships in the early Mesolithic

Dave Conley, Royal commission of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland - "Algorithms, feature detection and interpretation - what role in landscape archaeology?"- Read the report here

Dr. Julia Best, University of Bournemouth - "Matters most fowl: investigating chickens in the archaeological record" - Read the report here

Dr Michael Ort, Northern Arizona University - “Eruptions and Distributions: The Interaction of Humans with the Eruption of Sunset Crater”

Dr. Chris Fowler, Newcastle university - "Interpreting change and diversity in Early Bronze Age burial practices: north-east England, c.2500-1500BC" - Read the report here.

Prof Bill Hanson, University of Glasgow - "Rome's most northerly frontier: the Antonine Wall" - Read the report here

Dr. James Barrett, University of Cambridge - "Clontarf, Orkney and the Age of Piracy in thelate Viking Age" - read the report here

Dr. Riaan Rifkin , Witwatersrand University and University of Bergen - "Early modern human behaviour in South Africa from 100 000 years: Blombos cave and Klipdrift shelter" - read the report here

Prof Elizabeth Graham, University College London - Maya coastal change and its impact: yesterday, today and tomorrow - Read the report here

Dr Tomás O'Carragain, University College Cork - "Insular Monasticism and Royal Patronage in the Glen of Aherlow: Survey and Excavations at Toureen Peakaun" - Read the report here

Richard O'Brien, Rathnadrinna Research Project - "In The Plains of Mag Femen: Excavations at The Royal Fort of Rathnadrinna" - Read the report here

Geraldine Stout, National Monuments Service - "The Bective Abbey project: Survey, excavation and results" - Read the report here

Dr Jo Buckberry, University of Bradford - "Death during the Scottish War of Independence" - Read the report here

Dr. Alison Sheridan, National Museum of Scotland - "Green treasures from the magic mountains: Neolithic Alpine axeheads in Ireland and Britain and the amazing story of how they got here" - Read the report here

Prof. Chris Scarre, University of Durham - Society Inaugural Lecture - "Missing Persons? Formal disposal and funerary practices in Prehistoric Britain" - Read the report here

Prof. John Schofield, University of York - "Forget about "Heritage": Place, Ethics and the Faro Convention - Read the report here


Dr Laura McAtackney, UCD School of Social Justice - “Graffiti recording in the West Wing of Kilmainham Gaol: ‘reading’ the revolutionary period?” - read the report here

Dr Maureen Doyle, UCD School of Archaeology - "Keeping up appearances:  dress and identity in early medieval Ireland" - read the report here

Dr Katharina Becker, University of Bradford - "Token explanations: the interpretation of cremation burial in Late Prehistoric Ireland" - read the report here

Dr Geert Verhoeven, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Vienna - "Breaking new ground from the air: some recent technologies for the benefit of aerial archaeologies" - read the report here.

Prof. Colin Richards, University of Manchester - "Wrapping up the Late Neolithic in Orkney" - read the report here

Prof. Paul Pettitt, University of Durham - Inaugural lecture - "The emergence of cave art in Palaeolithic Europe: new research, new hypotheses" - see the photographs from the evening here - read the report here

Prof. David Hendy, University of Sussex - Noise:a Human History - Telling the Story of Sound before the Age of Recording - report soon to be found here - read the report here

Prof. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick , University of Galway - Assembly places and hunting ground in Mediaeval Gaelic Ireland - report soon to be found here - read the report here

Dr. Amanda Kelly, University College Dublin - Roman bathing and its Legacy on Crete - read the report here

Prof. Alexander Bentley, University of Bristol - "Land Use and Community Differentiation in the European Neolithic: Isotopic Evidence" - read the report here

Prof. Robert van der Noort, University of Exeter - "Trials and tribulations of building Morgawr, a Bronze Age-type sewn-plank boat"

Prof. Dorian Fuller, Institute of Archaeology, University College London - "Comparing pathways to agriculture: current evidence on crop domestication rates and contexts from across Asia"

Cóilín Ó Drisceoil, Kilkenny Archaeology - "The Cathedral Close of St. Canice's, Kilkenny" - read the report here 

Prof. Annelou van GijnUniversity of Leiden - "Itineraries of Neolithic jet and amber beads: a microscopic view" - read the report here 

Dr. Andrew Gardner, University College London - "Debating theories of Roman Imperialism" - read the report here

Prof. Ian Ralston, University of Edinburgh - “Bourges-Avaricum, central France: a case of early but fragile urbanisation in temperate Europe?” - read the report here


They included:

Prof. Terry Barry on current research questions in Irish mediaeval archaeology
Dr. Roeland Paardekooper on EXARC and experimental archaeology parks
Dr. Jacqueline Cahill-Wilson on the Romans in Ireland
Prof. Sue Hamilton on the archaeology of Rapa Nui on Easter Island
Dr. Daniela Hoffman on models of change in the European Neolithic
Brendon Wilkins at Rubicon Heritage on "crowdfunding and crowdsourcing archaeology at Flag Fen"
Dr. Jacqui Mulville on guerilla archaeology

.... And many more !

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