Monday, 26 August 2013

Archaeofest 2013

Archaeofest 2013 - Flint-knapping in actionArchaeofest 2013 - Julie and Wayne take care of the pots being firedArchaeofest 2013 - Brendan answers questions about pottery firingArchaeofest 2013 - Pottery firingArchaeofest 2013 - Niall, Treasurer of the Society 2012-2013 , answers questions about flint-knappingArchaeofest 2013 - Dr. Aidan O'Sullivan presenting here a face-urn for the pottery firing experiment
Archaeofest 2013 - Face-urnArchaofest 2013 - Mock dig for childrenArchaofest 2013 - Mock dig for childrenArchaeofest 2013 - Mairead looking after the children "digging"Archaeofest 2013 - Mairead looking after the children "digging"

Archaeofest 2013, a set on Flickr.

On Saturday 24th of August, as part of Heritage Week, the UCD School of Archaeology and members of the Archaeology Society organised a display of experimental archaeology for the public. A first group fired pots which had been made and let to dry prior to the day. A second group show-cased the techniques of flint-knapping as well as tools which they had produced as part of the Flintknapping experimental group at UCD (e.g. stone axes).

Some photographs of the mock for children are also included (nota: this was not organised by UCD)

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