Sunday, 6 October 2013

First Night out of the year: how it went!

Remember we held our first night out of the year on the 26th of September, coinciding with Arthur's Day? Here are the words of Emily Geoghegan who co-organised it, and who was our hostess on the night, making sure the celebrations went smoothly.

"The Archaeological Society’s first night out of the year was a great success. It was a great turn out and it was brilliant to see first-year students getting involved.  
It began in Against the Grain at about 7.30pm for the pre-drinks, everyone got introduced to each other there and the "newbies" quickly got to know other society members. 
We then moved to The Palace bar where we were treated to a free pint and hog roast thanks to the organization of Sean Kinsella and Stephen Darcy, while we waited for other members to arrive. The atmosphere was lively and everyone was singing along to Pink and Kanye West. 
The night went on and we headed for the club. It was busy due to the fact it was Arthurs day and we were grateful to not only have VIP access but also a reserved area, which allowed society members to interact more with each other. The club was buzzing and everyone seemed to have a great night. We hope to see many more society members at future nights out. "

Source: The Palace (Facebook)

A little bird told me Emily and Sean are currently putting together another great night out for the coming weeks! Watch this space... 

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