Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Essay writing seminar and workshop !

 Dear everyone,

For the first time, the Society is hosting an essay writing seminar and workshop to help you get ready for your academic assignments. It will take place on Wednesday 22nd October in the Blue Room of the Old Student centre at 12pm and 1pm (to accommodate people who can't make either 12 or 1). This is aimed at helping you tackle both essay and exam questions. It will centre around the three core points of structure, content and style.

The first part will be a PowerPoint presentation by one of our PhD students, giving you loads of tips and advice on how to write a good essay. The second part will be a workshop where you can start thinking about one of your assignment.

If you are interested in attending this seminar+workshop, we ask you to bring an essay title you are currently working on so that you can reflect on it. You do not have to, but bear in mind this would be highly helpful for you. The chosen essay title does not need to be an archaeology one: the seminar and workshop aim at making you ready to address any essay question!

A handout with all the tips and advice contained in the seminar presentation will be provided.

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