Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Exam period: UCD Union is here for you !

Dear everyone,

Exam time is upon us ! But before you drop into the abyss of panic attacks, all-nighters, energy drinks overdoses and general despair, read what follows! :) In addition to the 5-star support you will get from your awesome Society (yes, this is us), the UCD Union is also there to help you if you need. Pssst, this includes free transport to the exams! Read on...

  • Late Night study areas
We all know you love the library - ah come on, don't lie! - but unfortunately, it will close after 11.30pm. So if you are a night-owl like me, fear not, the Astra Hall in the Old Student Centre will stay open for you until 3am so you can indulge in even more revising!

  • Early morning study areas
But the early birds should not feel left out !! The James Joyce library will open early from now until the end of the exam period ! You can check out the opening hours of the various libraries on the library website.

  • FREE exam shuttle
The majority of exams will be taking place in the well-renowned and feared RDS. Now if like me you're not originally from Dublin, these three letters might send you in a bit of a frantic search through the Dublin A-Z or Google maps. And if like me too you do not have a clue about bus routes because you are either living on campus or cycling everywhere, just read on an breathe: there is a free bus shuttle to the RDS. More details here.

And if you would still rather cycle, here is the route from UCD.

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  • General exam advice

Finally, the Student Union has two education officers you can contact if you have queries concerning exams. Their contact details can be found on the UCD Student Union website.

I hope this helps, and again, best of luck to you all !

Alexandra Guglielmi

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