Friday, 3 April 2015

UCD Relay for Life 2015

Dear everyone, 

This year again, the Society will be taking part in the UCD Relay for Life! The event will take place on the astropitch opposite the UCDSport centre (follow the noise! ) on the 14th and 15th of April. It will start on the 14th at 12pm and run for 24hours. 

To see how things went last year, click here.

The information below is taken from the UCD Relay for Life Facebook page: 
  • What is Relay?

Relay for Life UCD is a 24-hour CANCER awareness and fundraising event taking place on our very own campus in mid April! We have all been touched by cancer in some way, and this event gives a community like UCD the opportunity to FIGHT BACK!

  • What happens during Relay?
A special aspect of RELAY is that you would be a member of a TEAM. Teams are made up of between 10-15 people whereby at least one member of the team must stay on the ‘track’ at all time, RELAY IS NOT A RACE. You may run, dance, skip or somersault around the track if so you wish. The TRACK will have numerous interesting, FUN stands,stalls and entertainment set up by each TEAM to raise funds for the IRISH CANCER SOCIETY! Working TOGETHER to FIGHT BACK!

  • Survivors’ Lap
This can only be described as INSPIRATIONAL! The opening lap of the RELAY will be completed by cancer survivors. This is WHY we relay! 

  • Candle of Hope Ceremony
The Candle of Hope Ceremony takes place later in the evening as darkness begins to fall. Prior the event, everyone in the community is invited to dedicate a Candle of Hope to someone you know who has been touched by CANCER. As the evening
approaches, the candles are set around the track and lit by participants. It is during this time that the TRUE MEANING of RELAY hits HOME! 

Relay for Life 2014

  • Why do we Relay?
CANCER will affect 1 in 3 people in Ireland during their lifetime. Unfortunately, this statistic is only rising. WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK! All the funds raised through sponsorship and fundraising will go to support the IRISH CANCER SOCIETY ‘s national services and mission to achieve world-class cancer services, working towards fewer people getting CANCER and that those that do- have better outcomes and improved treatment. FIGHT BACK! 

Relay for Life 2014
UCD Archaeology & Classics Society joining up for a Historical Shield parade

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