Monday, 23 September 2013

First night out of the year

Dear everyone,
Thanks to the work of Emily Geoghegan and Sean Kinsella, a fantastic night out awaits you on Thursday at The Palace on Camden Street. It will only cost you 5€ and you will get VIP entry and *a crate of champagne* (yes, you read well, that is at least 6 bottles!) ! All this because you are part of the best Society ever in UCD of course! (Non members would have to pay entry and would get no champagne, so thank you Sean and Emily for organising this!).

In order to join the fun, come to our coffee morning this Wednesday (12-2pm, Room 1-3 in Old Student Centre)  and bring the 5€ for Emily to collect. She will thus be able to get your wristbands in advance and avoid waiting on Thursday night.
Then on the day, meet Emily at Against the Grain at 7.30pm (see link below for the map, it's just south of St Stephen's Green). If you were unable to attend the coffee morning, you can still pay your 5€ to Emily on the night of the event.

If you have any question, please contact Emily at (You should contact Emily by email if you want her phone number in case you can't find her on Thursday night ).

This is a tremendous night out so be sure to join the fun !
Check out the venu website here:

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