Monday, 30 September 2013

UCD Prehistoric Technologies Experimental Group

As part of the academic year, the Archaeological Society hopes to run and be involved in a series of experimental projects that run throughout the school. For those interested in the experimental side of Archaeology, the UCD Prehistoric Technologies Experimental Group(previously the UCD Experimental Prehistoric Stone-working Group) are looking to take in new members to carry out regular sessions developing experiential/experimental techniques with the aim of developing a greater understanding of prehistoric material culture, technologies and social interactions. Due to the nature of the work carried out by the group and UCD’s insurance policies, there are a few requirements.

-Members must be current students who have completed first year and are at least in stage two of their degree. Alumni are also accepted.

-Members must be willing to participate in physical tasks/manual labour

The group will meet every Tuesday from 18.00 and there is an initial signup fee of €10 which will cover the cost of the required raw materials.

The first planned session will be on Tuesday (1/10/13) for past members and post grads and the following Tuesday (8/10/13) open to all including undergrads. As things stand there will not be a limit on the number attending however for practical reasons, limitations may be placed in the future depending on interest. For more information contact the group via email (

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