Friday, 20 September 2013

Freshers Week and Events for the year

Archaeological Society stall

Freshers Week took place at UCD this week and the Archaeological Society was there, ready to rock ! A big thanks to every one who has helped out manning the stall all week, it's been a success!

So here is a recap of what awaits you this year as a member of this fantastic society:

- DISCOUNTS! 15% off your camping gear with Capel Camping; as well as 10% off Wordwell books (for more information, contact your auditor)

- COFFEE MORNINGS ! Every Wednesday, between 12 and 2pm, come and join us for coffee, biscuits, and a good chat ! Locations will change each week due to UCD room booking procedures, but we will contact you in advance.

- TRIPS !!! In Ireland and abroad! So far, three have been planned: a trip to the Royal Site of Rathcroghan, and two historical walk around Dublin. There will also be an annual trip abroad in January, location and dates to be confirmed, but a little bird told me it will be South, maybe Portugal.

- FUN ! Yes, we will organise parties, and nights outs, and pub crawls. Where and when will depend on assignments and exams, but fear not, this Society intends to make you have the best university year possible!

Finally, I would like to remind you that we have a FORUM where you can discuss all you want with fellow members and ask your committee for information. Please register and join the discussion !

All the best,
We hope you will enjoy your year at UCD and in the Society.
See you next week for our first events !

Our very own Liam recruiting members at the stall this week.
Liam is a long-standing member of the Society and is this year one of our Social Media Coordinator
and the creator of our Forum. 

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